Unexpected Noorwijk! Walkingroute

  • The walk begins by De Grent 8 . From here you turn to the left past the roundabout  straight ahead (50 Mtrs,) in the direction of the stone bench.
  • On approaching the bench you turn left in the direction of Prins Hendrikweg, which quickly begins to slope upwards.
  • After this you turn left into Dobbelmannduin straight over at the crossroads. Where the road forks keep to the right. At the end of Dobbelmanduin turn right into Van Hardenbroekweg, until you get to the water tower.
  • Continuing along the way, you descend the steep steps and after the church turn right into Nieuwe Zeeweg.
  • You follow the Nieuwe Zeeweg, past the Bollenbad-complex. Go straight on at the roundabout into Zeestraat. At the Zeestraat/Molenstraat/ Bronck-horststraat junction turn left into Molenstraat. Then take the second street to the right, the Wilhelminastraat.
  • At the end of the Wilhelminastrraat  you cross over  the Heilige Geestweg. Then go  right into  the Voorstraat, one of the oldest  parts of the village..
  • Continuing up the Voorstraat you pass the Town hall and the Grote or St. Jeroenskerk.
  • Now turn right into  the  
  • Here you turn left into  the Van Limburg Stirumstraat  On the right  is the R.C.St. Jeroenskerk.
  • Van Limburg Stirumstraat , then you enter  the Pickéstraat. To the right is the Wilhelminahofje. Where the road splits keep to the right.
  • At the junction turn right: the Lijnbaanweg. By 44 turn turn left into the  Dompad.
    You carry on walking until you reach the wall of the public cemetry. Here turn left and follow the path. alongside the wall. The path bends to the right following the line of the wall Cross over the  Oude Zeeweg. In front of you, diagonally to the right, follow the path upwards. At the end turn left into  the Koepelweg.
  • At the end of the Koepelweg carry straight on into the Beethovenweg. Arriving at the Queen Astrid Boulevard turn to the 
  • At the end turn to the into  the Rudolph Tappenbeckweg . At the end of this road you will once again see on your left hand side the Visitor Center Noordwijk, the end of your
Noordwijk Binnen
6.3 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: De Grent 8
2202 EL Noordwijk
St. Jeroenskerk Noordwijk

St Jeroenskerk

Van Limburg Stirumstraat 24
2201 JP Noordwijk
Gemeentehuis Voorstraat

Town Hall Voorstraat

Voorstraat 42
2201 HW Noordwijk
End point: De Grent 8
2202 EL Noordwijk