Noordwijk, a breath of fresh air

Discover Noordwijk as the ideal place for a getaway. Smell the fresh sea breeze and experience the friendly ambiance. When you drive through the countryside of Noordwijk, you would not expect this quaint little village to be located right at the North Sea coast. You will find a variety of nature. There is the beach, dunes and the woods, where you can be outdoors and active. Afterwards you can have a warm drink in one of the cosy beach cafes. Or relax in one of the elegant hotels or in a luxury wellness center. If you would like to visit some Dutch cities, Noordwijk is perfectly situated between Leiden, The Hague, Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Whether you like walking, cycling, bird-watching or just to be near the beach. Noordwijk is the perfect holiday getaway.

Welcome to Noordwijk: it’s a breath of fresh air.

Calm down, take a deep breath and explore the beauty of Noordwijk’s natural surroundings. You will be delighted by the rich variety of this exceptional place.

#1. A stroll by the North Sea

Feel the wind through your hair as you walk along the beach. The beach stretches over 13 kilometers and is perfect for long, leisurely autumn walks. Breathe in the fresh sea air, sink your feet into the soft sand and listen to the sounds of the waves, whatever the weather. Being outside is great for your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. And who knows, you might even spot a seal!

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#2. A walk or ride through the woods and the dunes of late summer and early winter

The village of Noordwijk is situated in the middle of National Park Hollandse Duinen. Which contain some of natures absolute gems, great for exploring or simply wandering about. Whether you are on foot or riding your bike. Out here you can truly enjoy the wonderful autumn hues, the variety of the passing landscape and the breath-taking views. Are you looking for a bike rental shop? This is where you can rent a bike locally.

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#3. A weekend of pampering

With its beautiful beaches, charming village life and gorgeous natural surroundings, Noordwijk is the ideal setting for a cosy, relaxed weekend. You can stay at a stylish boutique hotel, bed and breakfast, camp or enjoy one of the holiday parks.

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#4. Noordwijk’s autumn of culture

Check What’s On for a list of autumn festivals, art exhibitions and other cultural events in Noordwijk.

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#5. Culinary delights

Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout have a wide variety of restaurants. There’s fine-dining, the vibrant beach cafes with sea view or opt for an intimate supper in one of the village centers. Theres all types of cuisine. Dutch pancake restaurants, local fish restaurant, French or Asian cuisine are just to name a few. There is something to chose from for everyone.

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#6. Wellness and relaxation

Noordwijk is the only village with a true wellness resort on the Dutch coast. Take some time to recharge and relax. Try some yoga at the beach, take a dip in the sea or go for a refreshing hike on the beach. Afterwards, treat yourself with a visit to the spa, or spent the whole day at the wellness center. There’s nothing like it!

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#7. Shopping along the coast

Explore Noordwijk’s three shopping areas, each with their own distinctive ambience. From the beach you can walk straight into Noordwijk’s main street, called Hoofdstraat, where you will find lots of trendy boutiques. If you’re looking for local products, visit the historic village of Noordwijk-Binnen or explore Noordwijkerhout, with its bustling village life around the Witte Kerk. You can also visit one of the local markets to experience some authentic village culture.

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#8. Active outdoor life

Autumn in Noordwijk offers plenty of opportunity to get active for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, autumn is a fantastic time for beach activities. Enjoy the tranquillity of the wide open as you walk along the beach, fly a kite to match your strength against the force of the wind or take kite-surfing lessons. There are lots of challenging ATB routes through Noordwijk’s dunes and woods, or saddle up for a horse ride along the narrow paths of the woods – though when it’s autumn, most parts of the beach are open for horse riding too.

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#9. Central location

Noordwijk is on the coast, surrounded by countryside but only a stone’s throw from the cities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague. Explore the environment of this fashionable seaside village and its delightful neighbouring villages. A collection of communities, Noordwijk begins on its northern side with De Zilk, right in the middle of the Waterleiding Duinen, a stunning wildlife area of dunes where the water supply for Amsterdam is purified. Noordwijkerhout is famed for its quirky village centre with the Witte Kerk (the White Church) as its focal point, and wide variety of places to eat and drink. Noordwijk-Binnen is the old village center. It has enchanting streets and buildings stemming back to 1440, you can learn a lot about Noordwijks history here. It’s good to be at the coast, in Noordwijk aan Zee where you can enjoy a healthy stay in style, all year round.

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#10. Explore space in Noordwijk

There is nowhere else in the Netherlands where you can find as much information about space exploration as in Noordwijk. After all, it is the beating, technical heart of European space travel, ESA. Visit Space Expo, the space exploration museum and go on a journey through the universe for an in-depth, fascinating look into the world of space travel. Space Expo is more than a museum: it’s an interactive, educational experience that leaves a deep impression, whether you are a passionate sci-fi fan, an amateur scientist or simply looking for a unique way to spend a morning or afternoon in Noordwijk.

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