Let winter fall in nature’s bed.
Plump springtime’s pillow for his head.
A flowered spread to tuck him in,
to warm the seasoned chill within.

Wintersports at sea

© Noordwijk Marketing

Warm Winter Wellness

© Noordwijk Marketing

Endless dining...

As soon as the snow starts to fall, the dune landscape transforms into a little winter sports village by the sea. 
The boots come back out and the wind blows harder and harder. The breakers can be heard as well as seen. The beach is great for blowing away the cobwebs. Even when the days draw in and temperatures drop, you can still go surfing, walking and cycling. A real winter walk on the beach is not to be missed.
Noordwijk also loves winter, that's for sure! There are lots of winter events, especially in historic Noordwijk Binnen. 

Warm Up? Not everyone loves cold winter's days, but fortunately Noordwijk offers plenty of restaurants to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.