Bicycle route Keukenhof/Lisse through dunes

1 hour 15 minutes (12.3 km)
  • Departure from junction 32 (Vuurtorenplein, Noordwijk) and follow the signs to junction 43 (Hoofdweg, Noordweg) for 4.5 km.
  • Follow the signs to junction 86 (Verlengde Kwekerijweg, Noordwijk) for 1.3 km
  • Follow the signs to junction 47 for 2.4 km
  • Follow the signs to junction 48 (Leidsevaart, Lisse) for 2.6 km
  • Follow the signs to junction 40 (Stationsweg, Lisse) for 1.0 km
  • Follow the signs to junction 49 (Stationsweg, Lisse) for 0.6 km
  • You are now at junction 49 (Stationsweg, Lisse).

Tip! Take a look at theFlowerradarin order to see which flower fields are in bloom.

We wish you a nice and safe cycling-tour. Enjoy it !

Sights on this route

Starting point: Vuurtorenplein 1
2202 PA Noordwijk
Vuurtoren Noordwijk

Vuurtoren Noordwijk

Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 34
2202 GV Noordwijk
Restaurant Tespelduyn Noordwijkerhout

Restaurant Landgoed Tespelduyn

Landgoed & Restaurant Tespelduyn
Tespellaan 53
2211 VT Noordwijkerhout


Stationsweg 166 A
2161 AM Lisse
End point: stationsweg



  • Type of Route: Recreation
  • Route characteristics: From A to B