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Schnipseljagd Noordwijk - See(a) - Kids Tour

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20% discount! Discover Noordwijk in a new way with JOLA's Schnipseljagd.

Order in the online shop with the coupon code: noordwijk2020, receive a 20% discount and within a few minutes you will receive the Schnipseljagd in your email. The coupon code is valid until July 10, 2020.

Experience a unique day out together! Crack a trail trail by solving questions and riddles along the way via your mobile phone! You will learn more about local history and culture and discover all the most beautiful places Noordwijk has to offer!

The Schnipseljagd is fully self-guided city game in public space. You can start the Schnipseljagd whenever you want!


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20% off the Schnipseljagd Noordwijk!

The Schnipseljagd is a challenging treasure hunt mixed with a sightseeing tour. To find the answers, you have to take a closer look at your surroundings. Study statues, artworks, buildings and more!  While playing you'll discover more stories about local history and culture.

Enjoy an original day out playing the Schnipseljagd! Stroll along the seaside boulevard, discover more about the flowerbulbs- and fisheryculture. Walk around the old romantic city centre of Noordwijk Binnen, with charming houses and lindentrees everywhere! 

The Schnipseljagd is a selfguided tour. You can order the Schnipseljagd in the shop on our website. Within a few minutes, you can start playing on your mobile phone.

Tours in Noordwijk: Schnipseljagd Noordwijk Tour / Noordwijk See(a) Tour / Kids Tour.

Play with one team, or compete against each other in teams. For the best experience, we recommend to play the Schnipseljagd with 1-5 players per team.

Check our website for more info!

Order your Schnipseljagd in our shop on and enter the next couponcode:  noordwijk2020

Valid until: 08-06-2020 for: Schnipseljagd Noordwijk, Schnipseljagd Noordwijk See(a) and Kinder Schnipseljagd Noordwijk.

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