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NEW: Discover space at ESA ESTEC during a Virtual Tour

Discover the world of space, technology and innovation at ESA ESTEC during a Virtual Tour

Discover the world of space, technology and innovation at ESA ESTEC during a Virtual Tour

Due to COVID-19 site tours of the European Space Agency in Noordwijk were not possible. However as the rules get more relaxed group visits may be possible in the coming months. Temporarily we are offering a Virtual Tour of ESA as an interesting alternative.

During the lockdowns we conducted Virtual Tours on Zoom for many groups all over Europe to inspire them with space, technology and innovation and to give them a glimpse into the world of ESTEC in Noordwijk, where Europe's space missions are designed and tested.

If you would like an introduction to ESA ESTEC, feel free to request a Virtual Tour for your group. This can be for a university, company or organization. It can be your first step to familiarize yourself with the activities of space agency and in a later stage we could plan a group visit to the site in Noordwijk.

The Virtual Tour consists of a short overview of ESA followed by a selection of more specific topics that are most interesting to you. After each topic we have a short Q&A. There is a lecture format and a workshop format, both guarantee an interactive and collaborative experience.

To customize the programme, you can chose from these extra topics:
1) Satellite Testing: a virtual panoramic tour of the satellite ESTEC Test Centre.
2) IXV – Europe's space plane: the experimental atmospheric reentry space plane.
3) 3D printing for space: research and applications for future space missions.
4) Robotics for Moon & Mars: types of robotic experiments done for exploration.
5) CDF - Satellite design: how concurrent design helps in designing future missions.
6) Astronaut food & nutrition: the what, why and how of eating in space incl. research.
7) Spin-offs from space tech: turning innovations into products for everyday life.

The duration depends on time, group and format. There are no costs for the group. Language Dutch or English. Mail or call us at E: or Mob: +31 (0)6 23040002. For more info about the regular site tours visit W: