Noordwijkerhout, always something to do

A place with so many flowering bulb fields, a place where you have endless wonderful walking and cycling possibilities, a place where you can enjoy the natural surroundings and where there is always something going on, that place is called Noordwijkerhout, one of the most picturesque villages at the heart of the flower district. You can smell the spring fragrance from the bulb fields surrounding Noordwijkerhout. Unique and impressive. Explore the area on foot or by bicycle for an unforgettable experience. In the summertime the nearby dunes and beaches within walking distance will provide you with that lazy relaxed holiday feeling. Or enjoy the view of the pretty white church in the village center from one of the terraces dotted around it. In the autumn it is time for brisk walks, peddling, stepping (on an autoped) or a drive. With the autumn colours in the dunes and woods these are magnificent activities, and all in the varied area surrounding Noordwijkerhout.