Landgoed Tespelduyn

Landgoed & Golfbaan Tespelduyn
Tespellaan 53
2211 VT Noordwijkerhout

A fairytale wedding on Estate Tespelduyn.

A fairytale wedding on Estate Tespelduyn.

For those who are looking for an imaginative and unique romantic wedding location with a homely atmosphere, Estate Tespelduyn is year-round the place to be. Together we help you create your very own custom made wedding.

Estate Tespelduyn is an official wedding location. The wedding ceremony can take place in our beautiful Wedding Room, in the Koetshuys, the Heerenkamer or the Huyskamer. The choice is yours! Always dreamed of a wedding ceremony in the open air? This is also possible in the beautiful wedding garden of Tespelduyn! 

Estate Tespelduyn is the ideal location for couples who want to enjoy their wedding celebration from A to Z on 1 location. From wedding ceremony, wedding cake with champagne, a reception, a private dinner until an unforgettable wedding party; at Tespelduyn you are at the right address. 

You are more than welcome to visit Tespelduyn and enjoy a tour through our Estate!

Opening times

  • Daily from 08:30 to 00:00


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