Accessibility in Noordwijk

Noordwijk attaches great importance to making it possible for people with restricted mobility to access the beach.

Beach wheelchair

Do you need a wheelchair to get to the beach? Beach wheelchairs are available free of charge at Noordwijk beach all year round.

In summer from April to September you will find the beach wheelchairs at the following beach restaurants:
Breakers Beach House - Alexander Beach - De Zeemeeuw -  B.E.A.C.H. - De Koele Costa - De Zeespiegel - Strandplaats Nederzandt

In the winter period from October to March at the following beach restaurants:
Breakers Beach House - Alexander Beach - De Zeemeeuw - Strandplaats Nederzandt 

Electric wheelchairs also available at Koele Costa book via

Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential. ― Debra Ruh

With the beach wheelchair into the sea

Thanks to the WaterWheels design, this floating beach wheelchair can go into the sea so you can enjoy the sea too.

Available at:

De ZeemeeuwDe Koele Costa - De Zeespiegel - Strandplaats Nederzandt


More info about the WaterWheels

Foundation Outdoor4Disabled

The Strandrups Noordwijk enables people with reduced mobility to have an unforgettable day at the beach. Almost 25,000 guests have experienced an unforgettable day thanks to the Strandrups in recent years. A trip along the beach along the tide line takes about 1 hour in a specially designed vehicle.

Check the website for current prices and availability and book a ride.

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Beach Shuttle

On busy summer days and at weekends it can sometimes be difficult to find a parking space in Noordwijk. To solve this problem, a special shuttle bus, the "Beach Shuttle", operates during the summer months. He takes you from an unpaid parking lot to the beach for free.

More about the Beach Shuttle