Free transport Noordwijk Beach

Free Beach Shuttle

The free Beach Shuttle (a parking and shuttle service) will be available every Saturday and Sunday from 24 June until the 10th September 2023. 
Please note that the Beach Shuttle runs extra on Saturday 16 September from 10am-7pm. Due to an event, it is not possible to park on the Wantveld.
This service will be provided on other days too when the weather is good and with big events. (see Extra Driving Days).

The Beach Shuttle will run on a continual ‘loop’ from 10.00 to 19.00 hours and will call at each stop three times an hour. On Sunday, August 6, the Beach Shuttle will not run due to the weather forecast.

Bus stops:
- The departure and end point is P1, the car park at the junction of the Gooweg and the N444
- Stop 1 Theater De Muze | Stop 2 Palaceplein (Please note that stop 2 will be out of service Friday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 10; boarding will only be possible at stop 1 this weekend)

Small dogs are allowed on the Beach Shuttle but must be kept on their leads. The operators of both services are only insured to carry passengers, so you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of your pets while using these services.

For answers to questions about the Beach Shuttle service, call: +31 (0)71 - 365 6565
To get back to your car after 19.00 hours, call Taxi Brouwer on 071 - 361 1000.

If you have any general questions, send an e-mail to

Extra Driving Days | Driving hours

Saturday September 16, 10.00 - 19.00 hrs