Floral seaside resort

Spring is always celebrated exuberantly in Noordwijk. The seaside resort is also surrounded by blooming bulb fields: eyes and noses receive overloaded with stimuli and the famous beauty of the flowers attracts tourists from all over the World. As soon as Keukenhof opens its gates, the bustle of international visitors begins, along with Noordwijk’s bathing season.

During the blooming season for the bulbs, Noordwijk is the floral seaside resort of Europe. The scent of flowers pervades the entire area. Make Noordwijk the start or end point of your journey; whether you’r walking or cycling, it’s a treat for the senses. In August there is an Flowerexhibition and another beautiful Flower Parade. This parade leaves from Rijnsburg, via Katwijk to Noordwijk. On Sunday the floats can be viewed on the Kon. Wilhelmina Boulevard. All just as special and worth seeing!

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Book your helicopter flight

See Noordwijk’s flowering bulb fields from a different perspective, take a helicopter tour of the bulb region in bloom! A helicopter ride is exciting at the best of times, but a helicopter tour of the bright-coloured bulb fields? Magical! During this tour of the bulb region, you will also be able to enjoy amazing views of the Noordwijk coast and vast dune area.

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A great tool to show you the exact location of the flower fields: Flowerradar

Check the flowerfields

Enjoy the flowers, respect our pride! - Welcome to our region!

This is the message we’ll be using to welcome tourists to the Bollenstreek, the Netherlands’ bulb-growing region, in the coming weeks. It will be printed on signs and banners and passed on by ambassadors of the area. Every day, bulb farmers cultivate and care for their products. They work very hard, with lots of passion and dedication, in the fields, the barns and greenhouses. They love to see everyone enjoying their pride but ask that visitors also show respect for the flowers. You may walk along the edges of the fields, but you are not allowed to walk across the fields or among the flowers. Please admire the flowers from the edge of the field and do not walk on, or among, the crops, because it can cause irreparable damage.

Welcome to our region!

Our region, the Bollenstreek, is famous for its fields of beautiful bulbs and flowers. We cultivate and care for our products and work very hard, with lots and lots of passion and dedication, to grow our flowers.
These magnificent bulb flowers you can see in full bloom in our fields are our assets. 
Of course, we hope everyone can enjoy them, but please show some respect.
You are not permitted to walk across the fields or among the flowers because it can cause irreparable damage.
You may walk along the edges of the fields. 
Please do not walk on, or among, the crops. Enjoy the flowers and take pictures of them from a distance!
Together, we can make this season a beautiful and colourful time so we can all enjoy our pride for many weeks to come.

On behalf of all the bulb farmers in the region, thank you.

The most famous flower parc in the world

The park is unique, world famous, and has been one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands for 60 years. Every year it opens at the end of March until the end of May. If you haven’t been to Keukenhof you haven’t seen the Netherlands. Here more than seven million flowers form an enchantingly beautiful subject for gorgeous photos. The most colourful flowers in the world are a short cycle ride from Noordwijk, accessible via a lovely route which winds through the vast bulb fields.

Stationsweg 166a, Lisse,
Telefoon +31 (0)252 - 465 555
Website: www.keukenhof.nl