De Zilk

De Zilk is an active and varied village with about 2,000 inhabitants. Characteristic are the popular Waterleidingduinen, the compact village centre and the colorful flowerbulb fields. De Zilk organizes many activities and has a rich community life. Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and natural areas near De Zilk.

Nature Reserve

The Waterleidingduinen are accessible from De Zilk and are known for their unspoilt and protected dune nature. Take a beautiful walk through this area, or go jogging. Deer are in abundance here, you cannot miss them. If you are lucky, you may also see a fox. The area has many different facets, for example it is partly wooded but also partly savanna-like. The extensive hills and low shrubbery sometimes give the impression of walking on a Russian tundra. The Nature Reserve is very spacious, and gives the feeling of being alone in the world. After a lovely walk, there are several places nearby where you can go for a drink and


Quietness and spaciousness

You get the best impression of the Nature Reserve by experiencing the area itself. Lo de Haas is a Zilker in heart and soul and tells with love about his village and the rich community life. Come and experience the untouched nature and spaciousness of De Zilk and relax completely