Noordwijk aan Zee

Seaside bliss – that’s Noordwijk aan Zee. The salty sea air, filtered sunlight, the breaking of the waves, and the soft sand awaken your senses.

Welcome to Noordwijk aan Zee.

Enjoy the healthy life

Noordwijk aan Zee is not standing still: ever since the fishermen decided to make a switch to tourism 150 years ago, Noordwijk aan Zee has been developing rapidly. We have long since ceased to be the privilege of the elite, but we have retained our mundane character.

Stylish and relaxed

Enjoy the 13 kilometer long beach and the quality range of hotels, restaurants and shops. And after a wonderful day at the beach, you will find the cozy Main Street a stone's throw from the two boulevards with a versatile and inspiring range of shops interspersed with cozy terraces.


Whether you are in your hotel, at one of the relaxed Beach clubs or shopping: you will experience the hospitality as a warm blanket. Because that too has been part of Noordwijk aan Zee's DNA for 150 years: the pleasure of receiving people and making sure they have everything they need.

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Seaside bliss – that’s Noordwijk aan Zee.

Over the years

Noordwijk aan Zee has a rich history as a seaside resort, in which spa treatments, trade and fishing played an important role. With a convenient location close to Dutch cities, Noordwijk has been a tourist spot for Dutch, Germans and Belgians for centuries.

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The lighthouse, the pride of Noordwijk.

The radiant white Noordwijk lighthouse, built in 1923, is perhaps the most famous and most beautiful landmark of Noordwijk. It has six stories, a staircase with 108 steps and a light range of 18 nautical miles. Once at the top you have a spectacular view. The characteristic tower is definitely worth a visit.

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The Atlantikwall

In Noordwijk aan Zee there are places where you can visit landmarks remaining from WWII. Near the bicycle path on the Bosweg you will find the Atlantic Wall, kilometers of bunker corridors, renovated by volunteers. These bunkers were built by the Germans and served as ammunition depots, firing locations in the defence of the coast and residential bunkers. At two kilometers from the beach Langevelderslag you will find the Noordwijk Radio Station, which had an emergency function for Langeveld airfield in Noordwijkerhout during 1939 and 1940. During WWII, the radio station was used by the German occupiers to monitor radio traffic. The radio station has been empty for a while. Since early 2017, it has been staffed again by Defense employees.

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The sea has a beneficial effect

Noordwijk has recently obtained the official ESPA (European Spas Association) Spa status based on the quality of the sea water, the air and the surrounding area. It is not surprising that Noordwijk was known for its herbs and cures centuries ago. The salt of the North Sea, the fine sand and fresh air have a proven beneficial effect. Watch the video and see what the sea does for you.

A seaside resort since 1866.

Noordwijk aan Zee has been a seaside resort, attractive for tourists, since 1866. The 13-kilometer long beach offers endless opportunities for walking and getting a breath of fresh air. In the early 19th century, many day trippers came to the sea to enjoy the medicinal effect of the water. At the same time, hotels and catering establishments started up, with Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin being the first hotel. Noordwijk is also an attractive location for business meetings. The hotels in Noordwijk are used for large international meetings, such as the nuclear summit in 2014, when President Obama stayed at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. Every year 1 million people come to Noordwijk to enjoy Tourismus in Noordwijk.

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