Keyserswey 67
2201 CX Noordwijk

Kitemana is a kitesurf shop based in Noordwijk (NL)

Kitemana is a kitesurf shop based in Noordwijk (NL)

In Noordwijk you will find the world's largest kitesurf shop, Kitemana! All kitesurfing materials you need and all A-brands can be found in our shop. In our online kite shop you will find brand new, but also used kites, kiteboards and accessories. We can help you at all times with finding the right gear. Kitemana wishes you a lot of fun on the water!

Do you just want to fly a kite on the beach of Noordwijk? Even then you can go straight to Kitemana! Kitemana sells power kites in different sizes and for every budget. This way you will experience the forces of the wind and get acquainted with this fantastic sport in a playful way!

Kite Mana, the combination of these two words gives our shop its meaning. “Kite” naturally stands for the Kite sport. "Mana" comes from Hawaiian mythology and is described as the life force of all that is good, such as love and peace. We strive for everything that is good for the kite sport and are therefore KITEMANA!

For questions, advice, repairs or collecting an order or any other reason you might have, you can visit us at our showroom in Noordwijk