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  • ATM Bruna - Hoofdstraat 99

    ATM Bruna - Hoofdstraat 99
    Hoofdstraat 99
    2202 EX Noordwijk

  • ATM - Dorpsstraat 10 and 7

    ATM - Dorpsstraat 10 and 7
    Dorpsstraat 10

  • ATM - Rederijkersplein 12

    ATM - Rederijkersplein 12
    Rederijkersplein 12
    2203 GC Noordwijk

  • ATM Bruna - Kerkstraat 23

    ATM Bruna - Kerkstraat 23
    Kerkstraat 23
    2201KK Noordwijk


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The shopkeepers in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout are at your service. Here you will find the most current information and special promotions and services to continue shopping in the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk aan Zee, in the Kerkstraat in Noordwijk Binnen, the Dorpsstraat in Noordwijkerhout and at the...

About Noordwijk

Of course you've come to Noordwijk for sea and sand, but don't forget charming Noordwijk Binnen. Visit the old village centre, taste the atmosphere and experience a whole different side of Noordwijk. Or head off to Noordwijkerhout for beautiful nature, fertile land, bulb growers, flower fields and w...

Getting married

Yes I do What could be more romantic than getting married on the beach? Standing in the waves united in each other’s arms. Afterw...

Nature & dunes

Noordwijk is surrounded by beautiful natural areas of dunes and woods, so close to the big cities and yet so vast and unspoilt. You can stroll for miles through the dunes through the Coepelduynen towards Katwijk, the Noordduinen towards Zandvoort and Langeveld at Noordwijkerhout. A small stretch of...