SPA resort Noordwijk

Energetic Healthy Noordwijk

Noordwijk has been recognized as a beneficial SPA town by the ESPA (European Spa’s Association) since March 2020, based on the quality of the seawater, climatologically positive features, environmental qualities and the diverse implementation of the facilities. We proudly present these benefits to you for an unforgettable visit to SPA resort Noordwijk.

Noordwijk lets you catch your breath


Experience the healing effect

A walk on the beach, a dip in the sea, or sleeping in the fresh sea air works wonders for your health. The analysis of scientific research has proved that Noordwijk meets the quality criteria of the European Spa’s Association (ESPA).

The salty water, the tides, the invigorating fresh air and the sunlight are all effective for better health and wellbeing, and are the main factors for acknowledgement of the SPA status for Noordwijk.

Take a deep breath, look around you, make contact with the environment and nature, and you can experience yourself how beneficial it feels to be in Noordwijk.

Enjoy and see our wonderful environment during a bike ride, or go on an adventurous hike with a guide to discover hidden plants and herbs. There are numerous ways in which you can experience the healing properties Noordwijk has to offer.


Our rich SPA history

Noordwijk has a rich history when it comes to SPA facilities. Over 150 years ago visitors came to Noordwijk to bathe in the beneficial waters of the North Sea, being pulled into the water from the beach in little curtained coaches. In the 18th and 19th century Noordwijk was the most renowned medicinal herb growing area in The Netherlands. In the “golden age” the area in which Noordwijk is situated was considered the most famous in the world for its culinary developments. Various (new) vegetable species were grown, and there was much interest in a nutritious diet. Read more about the history of Noordwijk here

Healthiness and Energy

Noordwijk is a community where there is a lot of space for a healthy lifestyle. There is focus on a healthy way of living, exercise and sports, recreation and keeping healthy. Focus on health plays a larger role in our lives, how we can manage our lives in a way that makes us feel fit and healthy, and stay that way. All these factors come together in and around Noordwijk, where the natural sources of seawater, fresh air and environment are in abundance, and increase the beneficial effect to health. All the ingredients are at hand to participate in relaxing or challenging activities in natural surroundings, to relax on a terrace with sea view, or lying on a beach chair, enjoy a culinary dinner, visit one of the numerous SPA wellness facilities or the 4 interesting and historical village centres.