Noordwijkerhout, cozy and authentic

The cozy and hospitable village of Noordwijkerhout is located in the heart of the bulb-growing region. Built around the characteristic White Church from 1620 and close to the dunes and beach. The sun is out, and the terraces ring with laughter, conversation, and clinking glasses. Everyone can be themselves here, is equal. Getting the job done and a warm welcome – that’s the Noordwijkerhout way. But if hard work in solidarity is the Noordwijkerhout motto, you can be sure their dedication to enjoying the quarter’s events is just as enthusiastic. In Noordwijkerhout you will find the beautiful bulb and flower fields with the illuminated flower parade as the highlight.

Go cycling and/or walking through the region and end up on a cozy terrace in Noordwijkerhout. Noordwijkerhout is perfectly accessible by car and there is enough parking space.

Welcome to Noordwijkerhout.

Noordwijkerhout has it all

In the center of Noordwijkerhout you will find nice shops, something for everyone. Or visit the NoVaTo museum (Noordwijkerhout of the past) and discover how the residents of Noordwijkerhout used to live. When the weather is nice, you can sit down on one of the many terraces with a nice view of the White Church or take a seat inside a cozy café. In the evening you can enjoy what the many restaurants have to offer.

The little ones can enjoy themselves in the water playground De Speelakker or in the large indoor playground KidsZoo. Or go with them to petting zoo De Dierenhoeve.

At the Oosterduinse lake, popularly known as Lake Como, you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the area. The lake offers space for water recreation, a nice walk or bike ride. In between you can enjoy a coffee with the famous homemade apple pie or a delicious lunch at Como & Co or enjoy the Italian delicacies at the pop-up restaurant Mama.

Noordwijkerhout has no less than 12 national monuments, including the Hogeveense windmill. Tip: discover the nice markets in Noordwijkerhout and take a bike ride along these beautiful monuments.

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Rich history

Noordwijkerhout was founded in the early Middle Ages, on the narrow dune area (on the youngest, westernmost beach ridge) between the North Sea and the swampy inland. In 899 Count Gerolf received Northgo or: gouw (area) north of the Rhine under his administration. From there a road led to den Grooten Hout (large forrest). In 1231 there was a division between the brothers Wilhelmus and Gerardus. One brother got Nortich (Noordwijk) and the other Nortich in den Houte (Noordwijkerhout). Over the centuries, people in Noordwijkerhout lived largely from agriculture and livestock.

In the 17th century, horticulturists began to specialize in the cultivation of fine vegetables and fruits. Herb nurseries near Noordwijk supplied medicinal herbs to the cities. In the second half of the 19th century, prosperity was given a major boost by the excavation of the old beach walls. The sand turned out to be very suitable for growing flower bulbs. The development of flower bulb cultivation took place mainly through the conversion of grassland into bulb soil, so that from 1950 the area of ​​bulb land almost doubled in twenty years. The Sint Bavo psychiatric institution established in 1918 and Sancta Maria (established a few years later) (the female counterpart) also provided a lot of employment.

Heart of the village

The White Church is the heart of the village center of Noordwijkerhout and an important meeting place, for more than seven centuries. This old church is proudly sung about in the Noordwijkerhout national anthem. New visitors are therefore pleasantly surprised every time by the atmosphere around the church. Whether you were born in Noordwijkerhout or spend a long weekend at a cozy B&B or one of the many holiday parks, everyone is welcome. Take a seat on a cozy terrace on the village square and enjoy the view of this beautiful church.

Flower Event

During the Corsoweek, the center of Noordwijkerhout is dominated by spring flowers. The Flower Event is held in the White Church on the village square, a beautiful flower show, which can be visited free of charge.

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Beautiful flowers

From March to May, Noordwijkerhout turns into a large flower paradise. Millions of flowers shoot out of their bulbs with beautiful colors and the most delicious scents. Every day, bulb growers take care of their product with great effort and with enormous passion, on the land or in the greenhouse. Admire the splendor of flowers while respecting the fields, on foot or by bicycle.

Before the flower parade, the colorful procession of the beautiful flower floats can be admired during the Illuminated Flower Parade in the center of Noordwijkerhout. The Illuminated Flower Parade runs through the streets of the village and is also the official opening of the Flower Parade. This grand event is looked forward to every year by residents of the municipality of Noordwijk and from far beyond.


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