Culture by the sea

Culture in Noordwijk

Noordwijk has an extremely rich artistic and cultural life. There are beautiful museums, cultural attractions and great events. You can eat your heart out when it comes to theatre. There’s always something going on in Noordwijk’s cultural world, with events such as “Opera aan Zee” (Opera at the Seaside), open-air theatre performances and the Painter’s Festival. Each and every event is a high-quality happening and, what’s more, in many cases, they are free of charge.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

- written by Edgar Degas

Large open-air Max Liebermann exhibition in Noordwijk

Noordwijk hosts a unique and permanent open-air exhibition of works by the famous German impressionist painter Max Liebermann. You can explore this open-air exhibition via a walking or cycle trail. There are no fewer than 23 panels with images of Liebermann’s paintings to enjoy. 

Max  Liebermann  is  regarded  as  the  greatest  German  impressionist  painter.  The Netherlands was Max Liebermann’s second home. Noordwijk (Huis ter Duin complex)  was his Dutch headquarter from 1905 to 1913. A total of over 127 oil paintings can be traced back to a Noordwijk location or area. He can be regarded as the painter par excellence who portrayed Noordwijk Seaside Resort in the early years. A hiking/biking trail with 23 reproduction panels of Liebermann’s paintings are to be exhibited exactly on the spot where Liebermann painted them. More information:

The walking and cycling trail