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In Noordwijk you can enjoy beautiful small museums, cultural attractions and great events all year round. You can also indulge yourself in theater.

Kunstklank creates distinctive and accessible performances at unique locations, often in the open air.

In the spring Noordwijk is all about carnival. Visit one of the many pop parties in Noordwijkerhout or watch the spectacular carnival parade.

From March to May, Noordwijk changes into one big floral paradise. Millions of flowers blossom. The bulb fields are in bloom and the flower parade attracts many hundreds of thousands of viewers each year.

The flower parade is a procession of dozens of floats decorated with flowers in a unique theme.

Every year in June, painters from the Netherlands and abroad meet in Noordwijk to paint and exhibit. Sales directly from the easel!

In the autumn you can enjoy the autumn festivals, such as the fair. The events are all of a high-quality level and in many cases also free of charge. The sea plays a major role in many events.

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    In no other place in the Netherlands you can find so much knowledge about space travel as in Noordwijk.

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    Discover the culture of Noordwijk and visit one of the cultural attractions.

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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

- written by Edgar Degas

Plenty to do!

Experience culture on the beach or in one of the bustling centers. Throughout the year, you can visit the beach of Noordwijk for various cultural activities and events. Keep an eye on our calendar for theater performances, beach events but also for indoor exhibitions and much more. The beach is also ideal for outdoor activities such as yoga, sailing or kite surfing.

Permanent open-air Max Liebermann exhibition in Noordwijk

Noordwijk hosts a unique and permanent open-air exhibition of works by the famous German impressionist painter Max Liebermann. You can explore this open-air exhibition via a walking or cycle trail. There are no fewer than 23 panels with images of Liebermann’s paintings to enjoy. 

Max  Liebermann  is  regarded  as  the  greatest  German  impressionist  painter.  The Netherlands was Max Liebermann’s second home. Noordwijk (Huis ter Duin complex)  was his Dutch headquarter from 1905 to 1913. A total of over 127 oil paintings can be traced back to a Noordwijk location or area. He can be regarded as the painter par excellence who portrayed Noordwijk Seaside Resort in the early years. A hiking/biking trail with 23 reproduction panels of Liebermann’s paintings are to be exhibited exactly on the spot where Liebermann painted them. More information: www.maxliebermannnoordwijk.nl


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