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Noordwijk offers many outdoor pursuits. Play golf at Noordwijk's golf course, considered to be one of the hundred most beautiful courses in the world. Enjoy a cycle ride through nature and dunes.. Fly a kite or head for the sea.

The region offers many sports activities, options aplenty!

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun

- By Phil Edwards

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Surfing hotspot

Noordwijk is a real hotspot for kite surfing. For experienced surfers, there are plenty of great surf spots and shops with surfboards and kite boards for hire. For the less experienced surfer, there are plenty of opportunities to take lessons or join a course. On the beach of Noordwijk there are three spots where a kitesurfer can land and depart.

- At the coastal club Noordwijk, KSN (only members KSN, more information on
- Exit 21, 200 meters north of water sports club Beach Break (only for members of Beach Break, more information on
- At radiostation Nora near Langevelderslag (for everyone).

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