Sportive & active

In Noordwijk you will find a wide range of outdoor activities. The 13 km long beach, dunes and forests offer the perfect conditions for various water sports, sporting activities in nature and an active outdoor life.

Brave the sea

Play sports and enjoy all the elements of nature. Noordwijk is the ideal place to feel healthy and stay healthy. In addition to wonderful swimming, you can also enjoy stand-up paddling, wave surfing, kiting, canoeing, kayaking, sailing or rafting in the healing sea water.

If you prefer to keep your feet in the sand, try kite flying, power kiting or blow karting. Or play a game of beach volleyball or beach tennis with friends or family.

All beach activities

Cycling & hiking

Noordwijk is located in the middle of the Hollandse Duinen National Park. The area offers countless cycling and hiking trails that take you along the coast, through long dunes, forests and charming villages.

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Relax actively

Yoga with your feet in the sand, the wind in your hair, the sound of the sea in your ears and the sun on your skin. Nowhere you are more connected to all the elements than on the beach.

Relax in Noordwijk

Kitezones Noordwijk

Noordwijk is a real surfing hotspot. For professionals, there are numerous surf spots and shops where you can rent a surfboard or kiteboard. The less experienced surfer has every opportunity to take lessons or take a (kite) surfing course.

There are three places on Noordwijk beach for kite surfers:

Free kite zone: Between beach entrance 75,500 and 75,250. Near the Nora radio station near Langevelderslag.

Separate kite zones for members and lessons:

Between exits 2 and 4. At the Noordwijk Coastal Club, KSN (only for KSN members). Further information at

At beach exit 21, 200 meters north of the Beach Break water sports club. Only for kiters taking lessons.

Active in the fresh air

Experience nature and have fun on your mountain bike or racing bike, play a round of golf or foot golf on the most beautiful golf course in the dune and bulb region.

Tespelduyn golfen in noordwijk