Life is a beach


The beach inspires melancholy and romance in all seasons, exciting visitors and inspiring artists. Watch the children playing in the ‘mini sea’ (shallow stretches of water on the beach, known as ‘kimmetje’ to the residents of Noordwijk), take pictures of the cool surfers and stay until the sea-gulls come to pick the crumbs out of the sand and the sun turns orange and sinks into the sea.

Noordwijk is proud to have been recognised as a healing seaside resort. There’s no better place to take a wonderful beach walk, dip your toes into the salty sea water and breath in the pure sea air. Afterwards, relax with a drink or two and take in the beautiful view from the comfort of one of Noordwijk’s many (trendy) beach clubs. It really is great for the body and mind!

  • Getting there

    Noordwijk is easily accessible, as it is centrally situated in the Randstad area, with numerous routes to the nearby A44 motorway. There is plenty of parking space near the beach and shopping areas. 

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  • Beach pavillions & clubs

    Noordwijk has 18 beach clubs & pavillions, 7 are open all year round.

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  • Beach activities

  • Different beaches

    Noordwijk aan Zee has a variety of beaches: off the north and south boulevards, Duindamseslag and Langevelderslag. 

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  • Dogs

    Also dogs are welcome at the beach of Noordwijk.

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  • Beach Shuttle Hop on

    Free transport from and to the Beach of Noordwijk.

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Safety for swimmers

Before swimming, check which flag is raised on the beach:

Yellow flag: dangerous, beware of swimming

Red flag: swimming prohibited

Pay attention! The sea can be dangerous

The North Sea offers freshness and fun, but can also be treacherous. When swimming in the sea, take tides, sandbars, wind and currents into account. Never enter the water alone and do not go too deep. In the past few weeks, several people have had a hard time because of strong off-shore currents. There are off-shore currents between sandbars that drag swimmers hundreds of meters along the sea. Avoid these dangerous situations by paying close attention to the sea. Never go too deep. A stream of off-shore currents can be recognized by a strip of water where you can hardly see any waves or ripples (illustration below). Keep calm, let yourself get carried away, and swim diagonal to get out of the stream. 

Beaches & Beachclubs in Noordwijk

Spend the summer at the seaside... for wonderful, perhaps magical moments. Every day is different. Sometimes, the sea seems to light up and fill the sky with fairy tale colours, turning pink and purple.
The beaches and beachclubs along Koningin Astrid Boulevard haven't really been discovered by the tourists but are just as much fun! Next to the most southernly of Noordwijk's beachclub, is the dog beach. From that point, any time of year, you can walk to Katwijk while your dog can run off its lead.

At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

- written by anonymous

Quality labels

The Blue Flag​
Noordwijk was awarded yet another Blue Flag this year. This international label of quality is awarded every year to seaside resorts that commit to keeping their swimming areas clean, eco-friendly and safe. The Blue Flag award means that the resort received high marks for bathing water quality, sanitary facilities, facilities for people with disabilities, and the quality of the beach itself, amongst others. Noordwijk was awarded the Blue Flag for three locations: Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard, Duindamseslag and Langevelderslag. Would you like more information about the local nature and the dunes? Then please check out our theme page 'Nature & Dunes'.

Quality Coast
Noordwijk has been awarded the European Quality Coast mark. Which is awarded to international coastal sites, recognising the high standards of coastal and beach management in the areas of tourism and the environment, the conservation of nature and landscape, identity and cultural heritage.

Foundation Nederland Schoon
Noordwijk also works closely with the Foundation 'Nederland Schoon' in projects such as MyBeach.

Practical information beach matters

Swimming Only swim on incoming tides (flow), never on outgoing tides (ebb). During summertime lifeguards and a rescue service are in operation at the seaside resorts. Please take note of their instructions: in some areas warning notices are in place which could save your life.

Barbecues Barbecues and fires are prohibited on the beach, but for those who want to eat barbecued meat, many of the beach pavilions have their own barbecue facilities.

Fast vessels All fast vessels (i.e. water scooters and jet skis) are prohibited on the beach. No vessels are allowed within 300 sea metres of the beach. You can find more information at the municipality of Noordwijk.

Horses on the beach You can enter the beach of Noordwijk with a horse from the exits 22, 23, 25 and 26 the entire year. During the bathing season, from the 1st of June until the 31st of August, it is forbidden to ride a horse from exit 27 at beach post 74.000 until 75.000. In the urban area you need a permit to ride a horse. You can find more information at the municipality of Noordwijk. 

Nudist beach - Noordwijk had two official nudist beaches:
- Just to the south of the Duindamse Slag, between beach post numbers 78.000 and 79.500. Sanitary facilities, a beach pavilion and a bicycle stand are all located at the beach turning (400m distance). 
- Just to the north of the Langevelder Slag, between beach post numbers 73.000 and 74.000. This is reasonably accessible by bus. A secure bicycle stand and parking facilities are available at the beach pavilions, 700 m from the south border. 

Beach rules

Beach tips - Lunch or dinner at the beach...

With a little help...

Are you disabled or less mobile to get on the beach? On the beach of Noordwijk, beach wheelchairs are available throughout the year and free of charge. These are made of plastic, have soft, broad tyres and are waterproof, so that they can go a little way into the water.

In the summer period from April to September, the beach wheelchairs are available at the following beach pavilions:

Alexander Beach - B.E.A.C.H. -  De Koele Costa - De Zeespiegel - Strandplaats Nederzandt

In the winter period from October to March, the beach wheelchairs are available at the following beach pavilions:

Alexander Beach - Strandplaats Nederzandt - De Koele Costa (De Koele Costa is not present on the beach in wintertime but you can make a reservation: Tel. +31 (0)6 83 99 60 04)