Nature & dunes

Noordwijk is surrounded by beautiful natural areas of dunes and woods, so close to the big cities and yet so vast and unspoilt. You can stroll for miles through the dunes through the Coepelduynen towards Katwijk, the Noordduinen towards Zandvoort and Langeveld at Noordwijkerhout. A small stretch of divers dune area reaches from Wassenaar to the top of South-Holland. This area is called Hollands Duin. Nearby you also have the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, with a visitors' area in a beautifully restored pumping station. In addition to the dune landscape, there are also fantastic wooded areas such as Landgoed Leeuwenhorst, in the municipality of Noordwijkerhout, which is largely managed by the Zuid-Hollands Landschap organisation. Learn more about the nature and environment in Noordwijk? Please check out 

The beaches of Noordwijk: Duindamse en Langevelderslag

Noordwijk aan Zee has a variety of beaches: off the north and south boulevards, Duindamseslag and Langevelderslag, and in the direction of Zandvoort. The location of the Duindamseslag and Langevelderslag beaches gives them a completely different atmosphere to those by the central boulevards. The access roads are surrounded by peaceful nature and dunes. The Duindamseslag can only be reached on foot or by bicycle through the dunes. At the end of the Langevelderslag is St(r)andplaats Nederzandt, which can be accessed by car.

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