Noordwijk in winter

Discover Noordwijk as the ideal place for a getaway. Smell the fresh sea breeze and experience the friendly ambiance. When you drive through the countryside of Noordwijk, you would not expect this quaint little village to be located right at the North Sea coast. You will find a variety of nature. There is the beach, dunes and the woods, where you can be outdoors and active. Afterwards you can have a warm drink in one of the cosy beach cafes. Or relax in one of the elegant hotels or in a luxury wellness center. If you would like to visit some Dutch cities, Noordwijk is perfectly situated between Leiden, The Hague, Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Whether you like walking, cycling, bird-watching or just to be near the beach. Noordwijk is the perfect holiday getaway.

Welcome to Noordwijk: it’s a breath of fresh air.

Calm down, take a deep breath and explore the beauty of Noordwijk’s natural surroundings. You will be delighted by the rich variety of this exceptional place.

#1. Insider tip: Walk through the Dutch Dunes

If sun, wind and water are given enough space, the dunes keep changing. So you get a landscape that is constantly changing. The dunes are never dull: one minute you're in the forest, the next you're standing in an atrophied sand flat or in a wet dune valley. Where bushes grow now, in a few years there may be a dune when the wind gets free rein. When the sun burns the sand dry, the wind shifts the sand and the clear fresh water comes to the surface, then this beautiful dune area is at its most beautiful. This variety and dynamism makes the Hollands Duin a valuable nature reserve. Experience it yourself during a walk through the dunes.

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#2. Shopping

For the nicest local products, original gifts, strolling through boutiques, vintage shopping or a completely new outfit. You can indulge yourself seven days a week in Noordwijk, around the Witte Kerk (White Church) in Noordwijkerhout, the Kerkstraat in Noordwijk Binnen and the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk aan Zee. Combine your day at the beach with wonderful shopping in the versatile shopping streets.

Tip: Noordwijk Tea, for sale and tasting at the tourist offices in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout.

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#3. Scenic walk

Have you ever walked the Max Liebermann path? Not only a nice introduction to the paintings of this famous German impressionist, who enjoyed staying in Noordwijk at the beginning of the 20th century, but also a route along the most beautiful places where he painted, with views of the sea, through the dunes and in Noordwijk inland. Active and inspiring.

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#4. Wellness and relaxation

Winter is the perfect season to take time for yourself, recharge your batteries and relax. How about a wellness day, a SPA treatment or a massage? A yoga class on the beach or in the studio? Discover the possibilities in Noordwijk.

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#5. Culinary enjoyment

More and more restaurants in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout have delicious dishes based on local and seasonal products on their menu. A number of restaurants in Noordwijk are part of the so-called Proeftuin ('proeven' taste, try/ 'tuin' garden) Noordwijk, where they translate the high-quality culinary tradition of the Golden Age into modern, healthy and, above all, tasty dishes, with vegetables playing the main role. Look out for these items on the menu.

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#6. Day trip Noordwijkerhout

The White Church, surrounded by cozy cafés, shops and restaurants, is characteristic of Noordwijkerhout. We have summarized the highlights for you.

Highlights of Noordwijkerhout

#7. Museum in winter is a must

When it's stormy and snowing, take refuge in one of Noordwijk's museums. Travel back in time with the exhibition “Winter in Noordwijk” at Museum Noordwijk. Admire many original comic book covers at “COVERS” at the MoCA Museum. Visit the interactive exhibition "Earth from Space" at the Space Expo Museum or play the exciting escape game with the whole family at the Englandvaarders Museum.

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#8. Musical Intermezzo

For jazz lovers, Live Music in the Voorstraat is highly recommended. Come to Hotel Royal in the Voorstraat every 3rd Sunday of the month and enjoy jazz. On March 8th, you are very welcome at Vigore Coffee & Conceptstore in the Voorstraat where you can enjoy delicious snacks, drinks and a cozy atmosphere with live music during Vigore Vibes.

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#9. Magnesium Experience

Discover the Magnesium Experience at YUMI Spa & Wellness at Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk. Follow a path of various treatments centered around magnesium. The Experience will ensure that you completely relax, release all stress and allow your body to recover optimally. The path consists of five treatments and a magnesium-rich smoothie. The Magnesium Experience takes about 2.5 hours.

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#10. Pssst....

Here you can really relax. Experience the overwhelming nature so close to the villages and in the middle of the Hollandse Duinen National Park. Walk through the Coepelduynen, until March 15th you can walk anywhere off the beaten track. Surprisingly beautiful: the Nieuw Leeuwenhorstbos. Unique: the first Dutch beach reserve Noordvoort behind Langevelderslag. Or go for a walk in Amsterdam's Waterleidingduinen near De Zilk, you'll see something new every time.

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