Summer in Noordwijk

Noordwijk is waiting to be discovered this summer. With its 13 kilometers of sandy beach, dunes, and unique location near the cities of Leiden, Haarlem, Amsterdam, and The Hague, Noordwijk is the ideal place for a summer stay.

Does vacation mean stylish beach clubs, good music, and feet in the sand to you? Or are you looking for moments of tranquility in nature with endless walks? Do you enjoy making new experiences with family and friends? Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout, and De Zilk offer something for everyone to make your summer unforgettable.

Read here the top 10 tips for this summer:


#1. A Different Beach Every Day

You have thirteen kilometers of sandy beach along the coast of Noordwijk waiting for you. Whether you seek peace or prefer lively socializing, everything is possible in Noordwijk.

For pulsating beach vibes, visit the beach at Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard. Relax on a sun lounger at one of the trendy beach clubs or enjoy lunch or a drink on the terrace with a sea view. The beach at Koningin Astrid Boulevard offers the most beautiful sunsets in a stylish atmosphere, best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand. Take your bike or walk through the dunes to the real family beach Duindamseslag. The northernmost beach in Noordwijk is Langevelderslag, cozy and adjacent to the first Dutch beach reserve Noordvoort, where pure tranquility awaits you.

Tip: Looking for a real surfer hotspot? You'll find it at beach entrance 21, a little further north. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Beach Break and learn to surf or kite at Lex Surfschool.

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#2. Culinary Delights Outdoors

A delicious lunch break in nature or dinner outside on the terrace is essential for the ultimate holiday feeling. The possibilities in Noordwijk are endless. By the sea, with your feet in the sand, you can choose from many beach clubs, each with its own style and menu. Or be surprised by the relaxed atmosphere of the trendy restaurants at Oosterduinse Meer (a small lake in Noordwijkerhout). You’ll find restaurants at the edge of the forest, in the dunes, or amidst nature. And cozy spots around the Witte Kerk (White Church) in Noordwijkerhout, as well as in the beautiful historic Noordwijk Binnen.

Tip: Can’t decide? Take the terrace tour by bike. It leads you to the most beautiful terraces while you can fully enjoy the surroundings.

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#3. Art & Culture in Noordwijk

During the summer months, Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout offer a wealth of beautiful cultural events. Enjoy music, theater, film, art, festivals, and exhibitions. The event calendar provides an up-to-date overview of all events.

Tip: It is worth taking one of the cultural audio walks, which will transport you back in time in today’s scenery.

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#4. Summer Markets

Strolling through the market is delightful. During the summer months, there are weekly summer markets in the shopping centers where you can find your hippest outfit at the Ibiza market.

Tip: Not shopped enough yet? Noordwijk has three very cozy shopping areas: Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk Binnen, and Noordwijkerhout. Discover the stores.

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#5. Time for Myself

Take a breather and relax. Enjoy the summer and the moment. In Noordwijk, there is plenty of space to find peace and take time for yourself. Try a yoga class on the beach or a relaxing activity in nature.

Tip: Explore the Healthy Noordwijk Route and experience the benefits of Noordwijk, from the herbs in the countryside to the healing effects of the sea.

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#6. Festival Season

Stroll and celebrate. Relaxing, meeting, and experiencing. The festival season in Noordwijk has begun. With the colorful painting festival, trendy lounge fest, high-class Cirque des Dunes, opera by the sea, and the popular Ibiza festival. It’s going to be a delight.

Tip: In the center of Noordwijkerhout around the Witte Kerk, something is happening every weekend during the summer.

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#7. The Best Views

See the beauty of Noordwijk from a different perspective. Climb the tower of the Old Jeroenschurch on Saturdays or the lighthouse on Sundays for the best view. Hike the Malote-Thalasso route with several beautiful viewpoints or, in good weather, see Amsterdam and The Hague from the Tespelduyn viewpoint.

Tip: A ride on the giant Ferris wheel on the Palaceplein should not be missed this summer; a magical experience.

#8. Endless Nature

Did you know that Noordwijk is located in the middle of the Hollandse Duinen National Park? A unique area along the North Sea, between beach and hinterland, where estates, dunes, flower fields, moorlands, villages, and cities alternate. With extremely rich flora and fauna.

Tip: The cycling route of the Hollandse Duinen National Park shows you the diversity of this unique area. You cycle through dunes, villages, and estates between Noordwijk and Scheveningen.

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#9. Time for Activities

Whether cozy or strenuous, some outdoor activity in Noordwijk and surroundings is good for everyone. Which activity do you choose? Stand-up paddling, sailing, surfing, or kiting, or stay on land and explore the forests and dunes by bike, mountain bike, or on horseback? Or do you fancy a round of golf in beautiful nature?

Tip: Treat yourself to a soothing massage or wellness treatment after the activity. You deserve it.

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#10. Wonderful Overnight Stays

Seeing the sun set into the sea every evening and breathing in the salty sea air every morning while listening to the gentle waves? That’s a holiday in Noordwijk. It doesn’t get any better.

Tip: Stay on a campsite or holiday park directly behind the dunes. You’ll be right in nature and within fifteen minutes at one of the quiet beaches.

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