Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, there's always plenty to experience in Noordwijk. Explore the offerings, choose, and experience it for yourself.

Cycling and Hiking

Whether rain or shine: head to the beach and into the dunes. Get outside and discover how beautiful the dunes and nature in and around Noordwijk are.

Cycling and hiking in Noordwijk


For a moment of relaxation. Surrounded by the sounds of the surf, the birds, or the crackling of a roaring fire in one of the wellness centers that Noordwijk has to offer. Noordwijk offers numerous wellness opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relax in Noordwijk

Sporty & Active

Mountain biking, golfing, or rafting on the waves; being active in nature. Noordwijk offers a variety of options for outdoor activities.

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Noordwijk Bruist, Actief buitenleven strand, golfsurfen, kiten, surfen, suppen, zwemmen, strand, zee

With kids

Are you coming to Noordwijk with children? There are plenty of options for kids; with wonderful outdoor activities, climbing forests, petting zoos, and playgrounds to get some fresh air.

Prefer a museum, cinema, or indoor playground? Noordwijk has something for everyone.

Tips for your visit with kids


Visit one of the many museums in Noordwijk and learn all about the history of this coastal town. Dive into the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall, experience the unique story of the English smugglers during World War II. Explore history on a city tour or at the Noorwijkerhout Museum of the past.

Visit the Noordwijk Lighthouse for a beautiful view of the sea, the beach, and the dunes, or climb the tower of the Oude Jeroenskerk. Uniquely acquaint yourself with space and aerospace at Space Expo, the Netherlands' space museum.

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Art & Culture

The sea plays a significant role in many events. Sometimes as a backdrop, sometimes as a source of inspiration, and often as a stage for art. In Noordwijk, you can enjoy small, beautiful museums, outdoor art, cultural attractions, and great events all year round.

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Beeld boulevard Noordwijk

Indoor activities

If you're looking for indoor activities, go swimming, bounce on trampolines, go bowling, or attend a performance or movie.

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De Muze theaterzaal
  • Food & drinks

    The dining establishments in Noordwijk are the ideal place to relax! Visit one of the many cafes, restaurants, or terraces for a well-deserved break. With a diverse offering, there's something for everyone. Here are the best tips for eating and drinking in Noordwijk.

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  • Celebrate life

    Noordwijk offers a wealth of opportunities and unique places to celebrate life or say farewell.

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    Celebrate life