Experience Holland's finest beach

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Noordwijk has a lot to offer in all seasons. There is always plenty to do on the beach, but Noordwijk has more to offer...

  • Cycling & walking

    Come rain or shine: get out and about and follow the paths into the dunes to discover the beauty of nature in and around Noordwijk.

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    Wandelen in bos
  • Wellness

    Empty your mind and focus on the sound of the surf, the seagulls or the crackling fire in one of the many wellness centres.

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  • Attractions

    Visit a museum, play a round of golf or a visit the city of Leiden!

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  • Culture

    The sea plays a major role in many of the events. In some cases it’s the décor, in others, it’s a source of inspiration and, often, it’s the stage for art.

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  • Sportive & active

    Mountain biking, supping or wave rafting. Noordwijk has a challenging environment where you can get down to some serious active relaxing.

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Treasures of the sea

Noordwijk is the perfect place to find unusual beach treasures: the most common are shells of the sub truncate surf clam and American razor clam. There are many other beautiful shells, such as cockles, wedge shells, Baltic clams and whelks. When the wind blows from the east little horn shells (like spiral staircases) get washed up.

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