Out and about with the kids

Enjoying the fresh air...

When you want to be out and about for some fresh air, Noordwijk is definitely the place to be for all kinds of fun outdoor activities with the kids. When you feel like a wonderful walk, grab a breath of fresh air on the beach or in the dunes, where you’ll discover a host of challenging walks for children, like the Duinkabouterpad (the dune gnomes path). The forest also has great walking routes and treasure hunts for children. Check out the Diary of Events for the best children’s activities organised in Noordwijk.

Take a look inside!

If you’ve ever dreamt of being an astronaut for a day, check out the child-friendly Space Expo. If you prefer a deep dive into your own body, head for Corpus to take an interactive journey through mankind. If you simply want to use up your energy, go jumping at the indoor fun park Jumpin Noordwijk or the indoor playground, KidsZoo.

Life is a playground!

There are so many places in Noordwijk for children to have fun. Alongside great activities for the kids, there are so many playgrounds and play areas where both the little children and not-so-little ones can have a fantastic time. There are all sorts of beach clubs with a playground, including the large playground at Beachclub C, or go to the crazy dune playground, Speeltuin Speelzandt, at the Nederzandt beach resort. You can play outdoors in Zilk at the Speeltuin de Duinrand playground, or for an adventurous water playground head to De Speelakker in Noordwijkerhout.

Animals & Nature

Animals hold an enormous attraction for children. Let them cuddle and play with animals at the petting zoo! And there’s also plenty to do at the petting zoo. Discover all the animals at De Dierenhoeve in Noordwijkerhout or at ‘t Schaapsherdertje. And take a walk around the Nieuw Leeuwenhorst Estate where the kids can romp around in the climbing forest. Just be sure to bring dry clothes!

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

Healthy and fun dining out with children

Delicious, healthy and fun for breakfast or lunch, there are so many venues in Noordwijk where kids can eat well while also enjoying themselves before, during or after the meal. Child-friendly restaurants like the Pannenkoekenboerderij Langs Berg en Dal ‘pancake farm’ have an indoor playroom and even a children’s cinema, and Eeterij de Beleving has both an indoor and an outdoor playground and is fully equipped for delicious dining. The beachclubs and restaurants along the boulevard also often have special children’s menus.

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