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The healthy environment and the vast nature and coast produce the most delicious local products: fish, honest meat and spices. Enjoy the varied selection of restaurants in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout.

Culinary locations

Experience Noordwijk outdoors, actively or relaxed. When the weather is nice, unwind in Noordwijkerhout at one of the many outdoor terraces overlooking the Witte Kerk or take a seat inside a cozy cafe.Indulge in what the many restaurants have to offer in the evening.

Culinary hotspots
Restaurant Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

- Ruth Reichl

Beach pavilions & Beachclubs

Settle down at the lively beachclubs and beach pavilions in Noordwijk aan Zee. Enjoy sparkling drinks, socializing and the magical sunset. Perfect for relaxing, lounging or for dinner with beautiful sea views. 

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Cafes and lunch spots

Discover the hidden treasures of Noordwijk's cafes and lunch spots. From fresh sandwiches to delectable cakes, let your taste buds tingle in our cozy lunchrooms and cafes. Stop by and enjoy.

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Specialty Coffee, Café, Voorstraat,
  • Proeftuin Noordwijk

    At Proeftuin Noordwijk ('proeven' taste, try/ 'tuin' garden), chefs from Noordwijk are inspired by seasonal and locally grown products. A principle that goes back to the 17th century, to the so-called Tuin van Holland (Garden of Holland). At this point in time, our food culture experienced a true food revolution.

    The focus was on a healthy and varied diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Living and eating with the seasons for a healthy and vital lifestyle.

    Proeftuin Noordwijk
    Proeftuin Noordwijk
  • Noordwijk Thee

    Discover the Noordwijk Thee. A tea blend specially created for Noordwijk, created with localy farmed herbs.

    Noordwijk thee
    Noordwijk Thee