We celebrate life by creating memories. We make important events more memorable by giving them special attention, and celebrating those moments with those we love. Preferably we choose a special venue when we wish to celebrate, and Noordwijk offers you many unique possibilities to celebrate life, or mourn its passing in a restful setting.

All those offering services in Noordwijk abide by the national guidelines provided by RIVM (Health and safety authorities) and they request all visitors to follow the regulations.

That special kiss by the sea...

Look forward to your unforgettable special day! You want to celebrate this in Noordwijk, with its tranquility, space an infinite natural surroundings. The sea, the beautiful beach, the colourful flowering bulb fields, de dunes and the forest combine to make Noordwijk a magical place.

Exchange vows while the golden sun sets and colours the sea, standing with your bare feet in the sand. Or choose a vibrantly coloured tulip field or an historic landmark as a background, the possibilities are endless.

That special kiss, that unique moment... at the most beautiful coast…

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trouwen aan de kust op het strand van Noordwijk

Celebrating is something you do together

Today you have something to celebrate! We love traditions. We love to celebrate life. We want to honour someone special. We have special jubilee occasions. We celebrate birthdays. All those special moments that are worth celebrating with family and friends, we want to remember those occasions. All kinds of reasons for creating memories; Births, baby showers, christenings, first communions, wedding anniversaries, graduations, liberation day, King’s day, Christmas...

Too many to name, every day could be worth a party.


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Dansen en feesten Noordwijk

We make important events more memorable by giving them special attention, and celebrating those moments with those we love.

The last farewell

Letting go of loved ones who pass away is part of life. It is never easy to find a suitable way in which to part with those deceased. Support and guidance during this process is necessary and welcome.

It is possible to put the organization of a funeral into the hands of professionals who will caringly guide you in the process you choose, or make suggestions to help you find the way that suits you best to take leave of a loved one in a worthwhile and dignified manner.

Noordwijk offers special and symbolic places suitable for this last farewell.

Find peace in the natural elements; water, wind and sand.

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