E-chopper (E-scooter) rental Noordwijk, Dunes & flowerregion

E-chopper, E-scooter Verhuur Noordwijk
Langelaan 3
2211XT Noordwijkerhout

Rent a 100% electric E-chopper (E-scooter) and explore Noordwijk, the dunes and beautiful flowerregion.

Rent a 100% electric E-chopper (E-scooter) and explore Noordwijk, the dunes and beautiful flowerregion.

During this 100% environmentally friendly activity you will make a nice tour over the boulevard of Noordwijk and through the Dune and Bulb Region.

What is an E-chopper?
An E-chopper (e-scooter) is a 100% electrically powered scooter with a cool look. The fat fat tires, high mirrors and colorful fenders have something of a Harley Davidson, but without a roaring engine.

Upon arrival at our starting location, our colorful E-choppers (e-scooters) are already waiting for you. After a short instruction of this 100% electrically powered scooter, the E-chopper (e-scooter) tour Noordwijk can begin.

E-chopper tour Noordwijk .. the route.
Our E-chopper route leads you, through a pre-downloaded route on your mobile phone, over the boulevard of Noordwijk. throuhg the dunes and our beautiful flowerregion. Along the way you will come across various catering locations, where you can make a short stop for a drink.

An E-chopper (e-scooter) tour is an ideal activity as part of a company outing, friends outing, family outing, bachelor outing or your weekend trip to Noordwijk.

Practical information

  • Driver age from 16 years
  • A driving license or moped certificate is required to drive an E-Chopper
  • Reserve your E-choppers online via¬†www.e-chopperhurennoordwijk.nl
  • The start and end location is NH Leeuwenhorst hotel, Langelaan 3, 2211 XT Noordwijkerhout (free parking)
  • Bookable daily

Time slot rental
E-chopper (e-scooter) tour morning (2 hours) 10.30am - 12.30pm
E-chopper (e-scooter) tour afternoon (3 hours) 2pm - 5pm
E-chopper (e-scooter) tour day 10.30am / 11.00am / 11.30am - 5pm

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