Enjoy the elements

Enjoy Noordwijk

Because it is Spring and Noordwijk is at its best, we want to bring Spring into your home. We are in the grip of the coronavirus and mobility is restricted, so we are looking for alternatives. Enjoy the images of Noordwijk online this Spring. The bulb fields are flowering, the birds are chirping, and nature is coming alive.

Earth, water, fire and wind. Where there is energy there is life

Suzy Kassem

Discover the earth

Noordwijk has a rich history of producing herbs and vegetables. The area was reputed as fertile and wooded from the early Middle Ages. During the Golden Age, Noordwijk was known for its culinary excellence. The colorful bulb fields, breathtaking dune areas and the fine sandy beach make Noordwijk an extremely healthy place. The earth is constantly moving, the bulb fields change into beautiful flower fields, the wind moves the dunes and the tides form the beach

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Feel the water

Noordwijk borders the North Sea, a powerful sea, with a large population of algae and strong tides, which makes the water quality and biodiversity high. The sea salt has a healing effect on overall health. The water from the dunes is naturally purified and is therefore beneficial to drink. Also think of the Oosterduinse (Como) lake, where many birds and deer live, and which is a good place to cool down especially on warm summer days. Brave the waves and experience the sea!

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Enjoy the flowers

Be inspired by Keukenhof and enjoy beautiful photos and videos online at Visit Keukenhof.

Discover more about the typical Dutch Tulips, Hyacinths, Gladiolus, Lilies and Dahlias and enjoy the flowers at www.enjoytheflowerfields.com 


Breathe the fresh air

Noordwijk is located on the coast, which means wind. A fresh stream of clean air is constantly blowing in, which makes the air very pure. Stay in motion, outside or inside. Fresh air and sunlight are important for the immune system. Go outside every now and then and enjoy the fresh air, provided it is quiet.Noordwijk is refreshing all year round! Read more about acitivities outside. 



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Admire the fire

Outside the sunlight stays longer and the sun and heat slowly return. Enjoy the energy, warmth and vitamin D that the sun's rays provide. Marvel at the rich natural life of Noordwijk in the spring as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon.

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See the fire