Natacha Hulsebosch

Natacha Hulsebosch, woman, mother, family homebody, problem-solver, sharer, thinker, philosopher, creative jack-of-all-trades, and so much more. A Noordwijk resident to the core. Her entire family lives there or is from there. “We all know each other, party together, do things together. That is really my thing. But I also love going to the beach. We have such a beautiful municipality together. And now my artwork gets to be displayed there! Isn’t it amazing?  I immediately called and apped all my family.”

In Natacha’s eyes, every creative concept is a good fit for ‘Culture Connects’.  “Because creativity opens all doors, and behind those doors is infinite knowledge, which has always been present; behind those doors is truth and purity. That finds its way out through creativity.”

In 2013, Natacha created the portrait of Queen Beatrix for the occasion of 75 years of Beatrix, and it has brought her a lot of publicity and visibility. The portrait has been on display in Paleis het Loo and Paleis Soestdijk, and was later purchased by Jan de Bouvrie and included in his collection. She will always consider it a very special work of art. “I started creating it as a way of processing my grief. Both my parents had died within the space of a year. And my mother had always loved the royal family so much. I started to delve deeper into that, and then I started to love it as well.”

This year, Natacha has conquered a spot in the summer exhibition “Long Live Rembrandt” at the Rijksmuseum!

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