Leiden, the city of discoveries! - A walk or bike tour along the most striking monuments is therefore an absolute must.

Leiden, nearly 3.000 monuments!

One of Leiden's mean features is immediately noticeable: the water. Leiden has the most water
flowing within its gates after Amsterdam. Due to its location on the edge of the Holland Lake District, various boating routes for pleasure and touring pass through Leiden and its vicinity. The water surface of the Holland Lake District stretches further than the Frisian lakes. Magnificent boating routes pass over the Old Rhine and the Vliet, straight through the historic inner city, from the one lake area to the other.

Leiden has nearly 3,000 monuments, ranging from almshouse courtyards to mills and from churches to city gates. In fact, the whole of Leiden's inner city is one large monument. A walk or bike tour along the most striking monuments is therefore an absolute must. Anyone walking through Leiden will sense the energy and atmosphere that can make meetings so special, in the inner city, with a large variety of stores on offer, but also for example in the Bio Science Park, which is buzzing with innovations thanks to the collaboration between companies, the Borough and knowledge institutions.

Leiden city is ideally situated: only a stone's throw from large centres such as The Hague and Amsterdam. The city is within easy reach from abroad, with Schiphol airport 20 minutes away and the smaller Rotterdam The Hague Airport 25 minutes away. Also about a dozen kilometres from Leiden are the North Sea coast, the bulb fields and the Green Heart.

The 13 museums of Leiden

No other city in the Netherlands has so many fantastic museums within walking distance of each other. Master pieces of Leiden born painters Rembrandt and Lievens, dinosaur skeletons, krises from Indonesia, an anatomical theatre, an Egyptian temple, treasures from Japan, the botanical garden where the first tulips of Holland flowered, and a journey through the human body: the museums in Leiden offer an astonishing range of nature, art and culture. Exhibitions, workshops and events bring these exceptional collections to life. There are exciting and enjoyable activities for children at  weekends and in the holidays. Be sure of a warm welcome!

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