Visit beautiful Teylingen with Kagerplassen

Welcome in Teylingen!

In the heart of the bustling Randstad metropolis, nestled between the major cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, you’ll find an oasis of space and tranquillity in the Municipality of Teylingen (with the towns of Voorhout, Sassenheim and Warmont). It’s a place where the horizon is marked by traditional windmills and the silhouettes of centuries-old villages. A place where you can take endless walks and bicycle tours. The lakes of the Kagerplassen, with its many small islands, are a summer paradise for water sports enthusiasts and a winter wonderland for ice-skating aficionados.

For those who love nature, Teylingen offers an abundance of choice. For instance, an official quiet sanctuary in Warmond, the centuries old woods of country estate Huys te Warmont, the endless polders surrounding the Kagerplassen, a park in the heart of Sassenheim, or a historical herb garden in Voorhout: Teylingen has it all. Great food, shopping and entertainment all come together with the local hospitality. You can enjoy a night of variety with cabaret, theatre and musical performances in two theatres. There’s also plenty to do for the kids, with numerous playgrounds, petting zoos and an indoor swimming pool. With its two train stations (Sassenheim and Voorhout), Teylingen is easily accessible and the ideal starting point for you to discover the wonderful bulb fields of the Bollenstreek.

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Everyone who loves cycling has an abundance of choice in Teylingen. Take a cycling tour around the waters of the Kagerplassen in the summer months. Three pontoons (of which two for bicycles only) help you across the wide waterways in this magnificent area.

You’ll ride over Kaag Island: the place where exclusive yachts are built for the world’s richest people, but also the place of quiet lanes bordered by trees and traditional farms. A perfect start and finishing point is Warmond where, at the end of your tour, you can relax and enjoy a drink or a meal in one of the many restaurants. You can easily extend your cycling tour by visiting Sassenheim and/or Voorhout. Along the way you’ll find many quiet areas by the water to enjoy a picnic and take in the views.  For example, from Sassenheim you can take the Menneweg which leads to the newly built lookout over the Kagerplassen lakes. You can also enjoy wonderful views over De Leede in Warmond from Park Leeruststraat Ter Leede, or the municipal harbour (close to the local VVV tourism office). There are plenty of cafes and restaurants along the way where you can stop for a break.